Dave Culbreth Investigations specializes in doing background investigations on prospective tenants. We can comfortably say that virtually no one doing background investigations has the level of experience with tenants as Dave Culbreth does. He’s owned an apartment complex and several dozen single family rental properties and therefore realizes how important it is to keep unsuitable people out of your property.

Our screening will research the subject for as many years back as the computer databases will go. Many companies and websites only research the past seven years. We believe in providing as much information as possible and letting you decide what to do with it.

Another questionable practice low-cost websites and high-volume background search companies do is just providing arrest records without any information on whether the person was convicted. Denying someone a rental when they were arrested for something but not convicted can get you in trouble in a hurry. In addition, most companies do not provide any details on what the person was accused of doing. It may be important to know whether they stole a pack of gum or an 80” high definition television. We can usually obtain documents on what exactly the person did to get charged.

The bottom line is – Dave Culbreth Investigations will have a person you can actually talk with about any search. If there’s something on the results we provide that you don’t understand, we are here to help.

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