Dave Culbreth Investigations has been serving process since 1996. The first 16 years it was in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Since 1996, Dave has had a permanent appointment to serve process in Hamilton, Butler and Clermont Counties. This means that we have almost 20 years of experience in serving literally thousands of documents. We sometimes say, “we’ve seen it all”, but, as you know, as soon as you say that……..something else happens!

We gladly accept process service jobs from local attorneys in Charlotte, Lee and Sarasota Counties in Southwest Florida. from attorneys all over the State of Florida and all over the country. Dave Culbreth is a Certified Process Server in the 20th Judicial Circuit of Florida, which means he can serve papers anywhere in Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry, and Lee counties. He has applied (at this writing) to be a Certified Process Server in the 12th Judicial Circuit of Florida, which will mean he can soon serve papers anywhere in DeSoto, Manatee, and Sarasota counties. We also serve federal court papers anywhere in Southwest Florida in any of the above counties.

  • If you have the opportunity to drop the papers off in the Dave Culbreth Investigations mailbox in the Charlotte Co. Courthouse, then we can be pick them up there. We check in with the mail room every day.
  • If you are in Charlotte County and need us to come by your office to pick up the documents, please call or text us (941) 759-3842.
  • If you are in Lee or Sarasota County and need us to come by your office to pick up the documents, please call us (941) 759-3842 to discuss.
  • We can get service executed all over the United States and even internationally, so even if you have papers to be served somewhere else in Florida or any other state or even internationally, call us and we will utilize the Florida Association of Professional Process Servers or the National Association of Professional Process Servers and get a server wherever the subject is located. We want to be your one-stop shop!
  • If you’re a subscriber to Process Servers Toolbox, you just go through it.
  • If you are not in Charlotte, Lee or Sarasota counties, and you have not used our service before, please call us the first time and we will make arrangements in the most convenient and lowest-maintenance way possible to fulfill your needs. It’s typically as simple as you scanning and emailing the papers, along with any specialized instructions (if any). Then we acknowledge receipt of the email and do the service. When we have executed it we will fill out the return and email it back along with an invoice. If you’re paying by credit card you can then call us. If by check, just mail it.

The first time you do business with us, we do need to speak with you (or exchange emails) to discuss:

  • Cost
  • Any specific rules your company may have
  • Any specific rules for service your circuit or county may have
  • The method you want to use to exchange papers, returns and invoices
  • Status update methods
  • How to inform you of issues that may arise

Any subsequent time you call on us, we will use the same methodology unless you request otherwise.

. . .

Our goal is to get your papers served quickly, legally, and in the most efficient and lowest-maintenance way possible!

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Thank you for your business.

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