One of the primary specialties of Dave Culbreth Investigations for almost 20 years has been getting “Hard-to-Serve” people served.

Florida is different from every other state in the process service business. In most places, a server charges from $65-$85 an hour to attempt service for however long it takes. It’s rare when a service takes less than an hour – so less than $65-$85.

However, in Florida the going rate charged by most process service companies is $50 and they will attempt to serve someone twice for that. But when they can’t get someone served, they either charge another $50 for two more attempts or they’re done with that job.

That’s where Dave Culbreth Investigations comes in. For almost 20 years we’ve served people when others couldn’t. We’ve served homeless people, those with no addresses in a “holler” in Kentucky, people coming off planes at a major airport, even celebrities surrounded by body guards! (I’ll give you a clue how we did that…..even celebrities have to go to the men’s room). We’ve seen people run out the back door and chased them. We’ve followed them, sometimes for miles and miles, until we were able to sneak up on them and get them served.

Over the last 20 years numerous attorneys will agree that Dave knows human nature and has gotten even the most impossible people served. The bottom line is that regardless of the circumstances, Dave Culbreth Investigations has always gotten his man (and woman)! So, if you’ve got a subject who’s hard-to-serve give Dave Culbreth Investigations a call.

>Note: We can get service executed all over the United States and even internationally, so even if you have papers to be served somewhere else in Florida or any other state or even internationally, call us and we will utilize the Florida Association of Professional Process Servers or the National Association of Professional Process Servers and get a server wherever the subject is located. We want to be your one-stop shop!

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