Papers from other process servers:

Dave Culbreth Investigations gladly accepts jobs from other process servers around the State of Florida and all over the country.

If you’re a subscriber to the Process Servers Toolbox, you just go through it.

If you do not subscribe to Process Servers Toolbox, then call us the first time and we will make arrangements in the most convenient and lowest-maintenance way possible to fulfill your needs. It’s typically as simple as you scanning and emailing the papers, along with any specialized instructions (if any).  Then we acknowledge receipt of the email and do the service. When we have executed it, we will fill out the return, email it back along with an invoice, then you can call us if you’re paying by credit card. If by check, just mail it.

The first time you do business with us, we do need to speak with you (or exchange emails) to discuss:

  • Cost
  • Any specific rules your company may have
  • Any specific rules for service your circuit or county may have
  • The method you want to use to exchange papers, returns and invoices
  • Status update methods
  • How to inform you of issues that may arise

Any subsequent time you call on us, we will use the same methodology unless you request otherwise.

For payment options, please see Payment Methods.

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