Dave Culbreth has been appointed by numerous courts to serve process without an attorney having to file a motion with the court to appoint him on a case-by-case basis. For over 20 years Dave Culbreth has had a standing appointment to serve process in most of the courts surrounding Cincinnati. He is now a Certified Process Server in the 20th Judicial Circuit of Florida.

These appointments have been bestowed on Dave based on his years of experience, his years of serving process with no adversarial issues, and his numerous hours of classroom training in the laws of process serving.

For attorneys and law firms in the 20th Circuit, Dave Culbreth Investigations would love to be your primary “go-to” person to serve your documents. Please call (941) 759-3842.

If you have someone who is difficult to serve or dodging service, there’s no one better than Dave to get the job done. Over the last 20 years numerous attorneys will agree that Dave knows human nature and has gotten even the most impossible people served.

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