You may never have imagined yourself in a situation where you would be asking this question; “Do I need a private investigator?” Whether you find yourself having to go to court, or having to make a critical decision, you are now in a position where you’re overwhelmed and you need help. That’s what we do – and have done for over 20 years. We get results for people just like you, most of which never thought they’d find themselves in the situation they’re in. If you’re thinking, “Maybe I can just do this alone”, let us offer this – Would you go to court without a lawyer to do the talking for you? No. Then why go to court or make that important decision without having a professional gather all the evidence and information you need? Knowledge and information is power. Hire a professional to equip you with the most information possible so you can win not just the battle, but the war.

Whether it be civil cases or criminal defense, attorneys have used Dave Culbreth Investigations because we get results! Think about it …….. attorneys don’t use people over and over if they don’t get results – they simply don’t use them again. Perhaps the best testimony to Dave Culbreth Investigations is the fact that in nearly 20 years we’ve never advertised. That’s because we don’t have to – because we get results. Attorneys are thrilled to pass our name around to their colleagues and that’s the best form of advertising.

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