Are they cheating on you? We have over 20 years of experience in surveillance to find this out.  However, you should first ask yourself the following questions – which are indicators of infidelity:

    • They are not allowing you to see their cell phone
    • They turn off their cell phone
    • They don’t answer calls on their cell phone
    • They are frequently calling one particular number
    • They purchased a “burner phone” or another cell phone
    • They delete emails, texts, and phone calls more than usual
    • They’re spending more money – a lot of it in cash
    • They frequently ask you about your schedule
    • They’re spending more time away from home
    • They’re saying they’re at the office working late
    • They’re frequently not available when working
    • They have developed a stronger interest in exercising
    • They’re buying new clothes


If any of these things are happening and you suspect that they are cheating on you call the professionals at Dave Culbreth Investigations.

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