Have you won a case but can’t collect? Perhaps you should consider giving Dave Culbreth Investigations a call. Not only will we do a computer search to find possible assets but will also go to the subjects home and business or where they work. This is important. Because if a big boat, for example, is sitting in the driveway – would you want to know if it belongs to their spouse now but, in fact, actually belonged to the subject when your case was filed against them? Can you say Fraudulent Conveyance?

Another example are bank accounts. Dave Culbreth Investigations has a proven method to find what bank people keep their money in. Plus, when Dave finds the bank, because he is a Certified Process Server appointed by the court, he can immediately deliver papers to put a freeze on the account enabling the creditor to collect the funds immediately.

So, not only does Dave Culbreth Investigations have all the current databases but we also have the experience and knowledge of what else is involved in recovering money from someone who is trying to hide assets.

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