Are you looking to go into business with someone or buy a property with them? Do you really know this person well? We all know that virtually anyone can be conned into going into business or investing with someone – thinking they know them – and get taken. It seems like a no-brainer but people enter into agreements every day with people they think they know, only to ultimately get ripped off. Wouldn’t it be better to spend a few bucks to have someone thoroughly checked out before getting involved?

For these types of people doing more than a routine criminal records check would be prudent. A credit report as well as an investigator researching their overall financial well-being is highly recommended. Depending on the situation they’re going to be getting into, an investigation where their previous co-workers and family would be interviewed may also be in order. Remember, checking out someone well enough to see if there’s any “skeletons in their closet” is always a good idea.

If you say, “why do we need all this when we can just use one of those websites that do background checks online?” Because those companies do not do a thorough background check. In fact, most sites and companies make the following mistakes:

    • Do not have the most up-to- date databases to do the job. On numerous occasions we’ve known people who’ve been arrested recently and it isn’t on these sites. Not only do we have the best databases but we also confirm our information other ways.
    • Do not go back farther than 7 years. If someone was charged with raping someone 8 years ago, wouldn’t you want to know?
    • Do not provide information on whether the person was convicted. While most people who get arrested ultimately get convicted, that’s not always the case. Do you want to get sued for denying someone a job or rental because some outfit said they were convicted when they weren’t?
    • Do not provide any details about arrests, just list the charge. There’s a big difference between being charged with theft because you forgot something was in your cart at WalMart and being charged with reaching over and stealing money right out of the cashier’s cash drawer. We are usually able to provide documents of the actual arrest.
    • Do not provide information on whether someone is still on parole or probation. Do you want parole officers showing up at your business or property to check on an employee or tenant?

These are just some of the problems with most companies and websites. In addition, there’s no personal service. However, Dave Culbreth Investigations has real – highly trained – people doing the research AND double-checking the information.

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