Asset investigations are usually conducted by one of three types of people. The most common request comes from attorneys who are trying to locate assets because they’ve gotten a judgment against someone. The other two requests usually come from either someone who is dating the subject or someone who’s looking to go into business with the subject.

In any case Dave Culbreth Investigations can run the subject through numerous databases to preliminarily determine whether someone owns a home, owns rental property, owns vehicles, boats or motorcycles. In Florida a common find is also mobile homes – which most people don’t know are classified as vehicles and registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles as opposed to real estate property.

Our databases will also reveal many liens, judgments and bankruptcies on the subject. Liens can vary from a mechanics lien put on real estate property to state and federal income tax liens. Judgments are usually situations where someone didn’t pay a debt back and the creditor sued the subject and won. Bankruptcies are a gold mine of information as they show all kinds of income and debt relative to the subject.

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