Asset Investigations – We run our investigatory subjects through numerous databases. We search for many different types of valuable property such as … read more

Freezing Assets – If you have already secured a judgement against a subject and an asset investigation has uncovered financial various bank accounts, we have a mechanism to … read more

Judgement Recovery – Have you won your legal case but can’t collect? It is important you hire a firm that has the experience and expertise to help you … read more

Investor Relationships – Are you thinking of going into business or partnering with someone in a property purchase? How well do you really know this person? Wouldn’t it be prudent to have someone thoroughly investigate them before … read more

Fraudulent Conveyances – Do you suspect the subject of your legal judgement put property in someone else’s name thinking it would make them “judgement proof”? You need to investigate exactly when this transfer of property occurred and if it was … read more

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