Background Checks – Do you know that you can be held liable for not doing a background investigation on employees? The courts have ruled that the employer can be held liable if … read more

Workers’ Compensation Fraud – It has always been a long standing tradition for people to try to get “something for nothing”. One of the biggest places this is violated is … read more

Internal Fraud – One of the most costly situations an employer encounters is internal fraud. If you incur an internal theft it is important to do several … read more

Theft of Intellectual Property – One of the fastest growing areas in corporate America today is “Intellectual Property”. If a theft of your Intellectual Property occurs you can … read more

Site Accidents –  If you’re in business long enough, someone will get hurt on the job and they will hire an attorney to sue you. It is important that you Protect Yourself! As soon as an incident occurs … read more

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