For over 20 years Dave Culbreth Investigations has helped some of the most high-powered attorneys and prestigious law firms in the Cincinnati area prepare their cases for trial. The most common scenario involves attorney’s not knowing whether a witness is going to help their case or not. So, instead of subpoenaing them for a deposition and then having them come in and destroy their case, they call us first. We then go interview the person – on their front porch or in their living room – and get them to open up to us. This is not only because we put them at ease, but also because everyone feels most comfortable in their own home rather than in a fancy conference room with a court reporter and lots of people in suits. In this scenario, they typically tell us everything you want to know and then some!

This is incredibly effective. Plus, afterwards you know exactly what your witness is going to say – before they say it. You’ll probably agree this method is much better than them unexpectedly blowing up your case – under oath. In addition, if their story changes, we can then testify and point out what they told us. Then you can pull out the old line, “Were you lying then or are you lying now?”

As you know, one of the main differences between winning and losing is the testimony of witnesses. Over the years, Dave Culbreth Investigations has investigated hundreds of witnesses who are called to testify at trial for the other side. Who are these people? What do you really know about them? The answer is – probably – you don’t know them at all and don’t know much about them. Do you really want to trust your case to people you know nothing about telling the truth? Not in today’s world!

There are many ways to investigate, and ultimately, discredit witnesses. They range from doing a thorough background check on them to following them around, to researching court records, to interviewing people who do know them. This has been a trademark of Dave Culbreth Investigations for years – “Digging up Dirt”! When you want to know something about someone you need to call us to get the job done.

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