Dave Culbreth Investigations has an outstanding Personal Injury that provides all of the following for just $750 ($500 introductory fee for first time attorneys):

  • Vehicle photos: All angles (2 vehicles included – more upon request)
  • Scene photos: Intersection or roadway from all angles and directions. Plus measurements of skid marks and any other visible evidence at the scene.
  • Injury photos: Client, witnesses and defendants (2 subjects included – more upon request)
  • Recorded Statements: Client, defendant, and witness statements (3 included – more upon request)
  • Summary of Recorded Statements: Complete, detailed summary of statements (3 included – more upon request)
    • Note: Transcriptions by Certified Court Reporter available at a significantly reduced rate available upon request
  • Incident Reports: Law enforcement agency’s full report
  • Medical Records: Doctors and hospital records (2 included – more available upon request)
. . .