Dave Culbreth Investigations has very successfully helped criminal defendants for over 20 years. Sometimes it’s to avoid prosecution, other times it’s to get a better plea deal, and many times it’s been to win at trial.

Former cops turned PI’s will try to sell you on a criminal defense investigation that centers on whether the police followed proper procedures or whether the charges are appropriate. That’s not what we focus on. We do a thorough investigation, for example:

  • Did law enforcement thoroughly look at all possible suspects – or just decide “this guy did it”?
  • Did law enforcement look into an alibi – or or just decide “this guy did it”?
  • Did law enforcement interview everyone possible – or just interview a couple of people who were handy?
  • Did law enforcement look for all the evidence possible – or just what was handy?


In Dave Culbreth’s over 30 years of experience in investigations and as a TV news investigative reporter, he’s found it to be rare if a law enforcement agency actually did all these things.

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